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Tenute Costadoria

Our company spreads over an area of about 200 hectares, which is divided into two distinct properties close to each other, that are dedicated partly to vineyards and partly to artichoke trees and other cultivations.

Tenute Costadoria came to life in the town of Valledoria, on the coast that once was dominated by the noble Doria family in the twelfth century and which the company took its name from. It includes the vineyard and the holiday farm, where guests have the opportunity to stay and enjoy the real traditional Sardinian cuisine.

The location of the vineyard, its microclimate and, above all, the peculiar floodplains with
their extraordinary organic richness – which are the result of periodic flooding of the Coghinas river – make the Zinta vineyard the actual secret of the success of our wines. The high fertility of this vineyard, which entirely extends for about 7 hectares, and its symbiosis with the river, whose overflows have become frequent, are the quintessence of our DOC Cannonau di Sardegna.