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Bric Cenciurio

The Bric Cenciurio winery is located in the heart of Langhe, on the hills of the Barolo town. It was born at the beginning of the nineties by the idea of Franco Pittatore and his brother-in-law Carlo Sacchetto who decided to unite the lands of their families. Unfortunately Franco died while working in vineyard 2 years after the company set-up. The 2 sons where still tooyoung but they had the toughness to make the dream of their father come true.

Currently the winery is run by Alessandro and Alberto Pittatore, together with their mother Fiorella Sacchetto and their uncle Carlo Sacchetto. The Bric Cenciurio vineyards consist of about 15 hectares distributed within three municipalities: Barolo, Castellinaldo and Magliano Alfieri.

The winery has always been committed to reduce the use of synthetic chemicals in the vineyards and to keep alive the good agricultural practices learned from parents and grandparents. The vinification is based on the respect of raw materials and the technology is associated with traditional methods, such as following the phases of the moon during the works of decanting and bottling.