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Villa Canestrari

The story of Villa Canestrari began In 1888, when Carlo Bonuzzi, the paterfamilias and owner of a large number of vineyards in the Illasi Valley, graduated from the Royal School of Winemaking at Conegliano Veneto, contributing to the evolution of an activity in which his family was already involved. It was he who began bottling and selling the wines that the family produced.

The vineyards are situated both in the zone for Valpolicella and in that of Soave, allowing them to produce both types of wine. The sites, thanks to their different microclimates, yield grapes that highlight the typical characteristics of their particular places of origin.

To some extent, these two very different zones complement one another in a way of conceiving wine: it is a gift that the land offers thems, as well as a chance to provide emotions and an opportunity to preserve and pass on their passion for their area and their constant quest for quality.