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Cantine Nicosia

Nicosia is a dynamic, modern and efficient company that looks towards the future, but
without forgetting tradition. It is headed by Carmelo Nicosia, assisted by his sons Francesco
and Graziano and a close-knit team of young people such as enologist Maria Carella, who
fully interpret the company spirit.

Promoting the best winegrowing areas in Sicily while fully respecting the environment,
focusing on the finest native varieties and the international cultivars that can best adapt to
Sicily, promoting the best raw material by selecting the best grapes and lavishing enormous
care on work in the cellar. A long and exciting path towards quality, in order to produce
wines that represent the finest in Sicilian enology.

Cantine Nicosia has joined the principles of sustainable viticulture to combine
environmental protection and food safety. Using the most advanced techniques of precision
viticulture, the winery has been able to reduce to a minimum the use of agrochemicals and
fertilizers, with the aim of eliminating the presence of natural or artificial contaminants in
the wine.The winery has long taken up the challenge of high quality with the aim of
satisfying the demands of consumers, who are increasingly attentive to healthy eating and
the traceability of every step of the production process.