This is our story

We are dedicated to fleshing out little known and exceptional wines that demonstrate the highest quality available, from all corners of the winemaking world. This stems from our passion for wine and the desire to share it with others.

We like to believe that the wineries we select, pay homage to the true spirit of winemaking: small and family owned vineyards with winemakers who have a passion for producing truly outstanding wines in limited quantities.

We define our family owned vineyards wines by the limited quantities they produce and the expression of their winemakers’ passion for the style and variety of the grapes used. Each winery is chosen to give you access to unusual and exceptional wines, whose flavours and aromas will linger on in your memory as an unforgettable example of their winemaker’s art.

Our website is a source of information about each of the wines available. It introduces each winery, its winemaker and has tasting notes for every wine imported.