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Bersi Serlini

The story of Bersi Serlini begins in 1886, when the family acquired a property situated in Cerreto, an ancient site belonging to the monks of Cluny, a site rich in history and with a profound history of winemaking.

Today the estate consist of 35 hectares of vineyards surrounding the Reception – a space that crosses boundaries between ancient and contemporary – and the underground Cellars – where wines are produced and kept resting between 23 months and 6 years. The two cellars lie underground beneath the soil where the temperature naturally cool and darkness sheds the production.

The quality of Bersi Serlini wines derives from the exceptional Chardonnay grapes in their vineyards and the unique combination of natural elements – geography, geology and climate – that constitutes its terroir, with a highly freshened microclimate, fundamental for the grape’s health.