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Josetta Saffirio

In the early twentieth century, the father of Josetta, Ernesto, he began to cultivate the vineyards inherited from his father. In 1975, young, Josetta decides to take care of his father’s vineyards. A graduate in agricultural and flanked by her husband Roberto, winemaker, began to cultivate the vineyards planted by his grandparents shortly after the Second World War.

After a few years, Josetta and Roberto see rewarded their efforts and succeed in producing
an award-Nebbiolo. In 1985 he was presented the first Barolo with the current label, the
result of a passion and a commitment never failed. After a break in the 90, Sara, the daughter
of Josetta and Roberto, decided to devote herself to the family vineyards. Sara is the fourth
generation of farmers and with the same dedication is committed to perpetrating a long
tradition for over two hundred years.

In the years since, the single hectare of vineyard from which the entire production came, we
come to five, most planted to Nebbiolo and Barolo crus located in Castelletto, in the heart of
the Langhe. The vineyards have been chosen with particular attention to their excellent
microclimate and excellent terrain.